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Pitch your game idea

Turn your game concept into a fully-fledged pitch document. Take this course if you'd like to:

  • develop your game idea into a compelling product
  • share your game idea effectively with your team

by Tork Shaw


Take your first steps into game design

Get started with game design by designing your own version of the board-game Go. Take this course if you'd like to:

  • learn how a game designer thinks
  • strengthen your creative thinking muscles

Inspired by Chris Cox's Game Design course lecture at Brunel University - thanks Chris!

by Indigo Levy


Integrate 3D into your concept art process

Principle Artist, Anna Hollinrake, explains her 3D to 2D process. Take this course if you'd like to:

  • see how game concept art is made
  • get inspiration for including 3D in your own process

by Anna Hollinrake


Build your own webcam

Explore the relationship between software and hardware with this Raspberry Pi project! Take this course if you'd like to:

  • construct your own affordable webcam
  • build experience working with hardware limitations

by Edwin Jones