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Tonic U

Join our community of creators!

At Tonic Games Group, we believe that games are for everyone! That means backing a future with more diverse creators, players, and games.

So if you're building a portfolio, a career, a studio, or even taking your first steps in game development... we want to help equip you with the skills and opportunities to be part of that future!

Why join a community?

Being a game developer involves growing your creative and technical skills—and doing that on your own can be tough. We all need a little help!

We think there are three main ways the Tonic U community can help:

  • Encouragement 👍
    A supportive network is a huge multiplier. Meet people that will encourage you and help you build momentum.
  • Accountability 🤜
    Knowing that other people are eagerly awaiting an update can be a great motivator to keep going when it's tough.
  • Transferable skills 💪
    A broad skillset is incredibly valuable. We design our courses to help you pick up useful additional skills, whatever your role in making games!

Who is this community for?

Everyone is welcome, at whatever stage, but especially if you feel part of one of these categories:

  • Beginner 🔰
    You're just starting out; excited but sometimes a little overwhelmed. You have lots of questions but not a lot of work to share yet.
  • Student 🎓
    You're trying to learn as much as you can, at a formal institution or on your own. You still have questions, but now you're making things so feedback is helpful too!
  • Portfolio 🖼
    You're trying to build a professional network and portfolio. You still have questions and want feedback, but you also want accountability on projects and job hunting.
  • Pro 👑
    You're a professional; working in the industry as an employee or freelancer. But there's always more to learn, and you probably want feedback on that side project!
  • Startup 📈
    You're building a new studio or team. You might be an accomplished maker or still figuring it out, but now you're learning about building a company too!

So how do I join?

Joining the Tonic U community is free! It's as simple as this: